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Learning Haskell
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0. On Functional Programming

0.0 Intro to Functional Programming

What is a Function?

A Function is a mapping between a domain (i.e. a set of inputs) and a codomain (i.e. a set of outputs) which maps EACH element of the input set to EXACTLY ONE element of the output set.

1. Development Environment Setup for Haskell

1.0 Haskell Tooling

Tools for Haskell development description goes here

2. Haskell Intro: Syntax and Basic Concepts

2.5 Associativity

Associativity description goes here

3. Types in Haskell

4. Notes on Data Types and Recursion

5. Folding Things

6. Ubiquitous and Useful Type Classes

6.1 Applicative

Applicative description goes here

6.3 Monad

Monad description goes here

6.5 Mighty Monad

Mighty Monad description goes here

7. Projects


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